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Rhisco works with Tier 1 and 2 Banks internationally, providing risk management and capital services and solutions that combine left-brain creativity and right-brain discipline. Effective, innovative and compliant results, driven by passion and precision.

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With an academic background in Economics and over 22 years of experience in risk, capital and control, I have executed numerous business transformations, independent audits and risk reviews, and implementation projects of risk technology solutions internationally, for both financial institutions and regulatory bodies. Throughout various risk roles in my career, I have supported business heads and chief risk officers in achieving their strategic risk and governance objectives to comply with regulations, optimizing their risk capital to be more competitive, and creatively using risk techniques in business-originating activities. My passion is for the company to generate value through providing relevant and appropriate solutions for clients and excellent customer service, while we embrace our universal values in everything we do, acting with integrity, transparency, respect and care for the people who conform Rhisco, their families, our clients, suppliers, and many other stakeholders in the locations where we operate.

With a background in Computer Systems and over 20 years of experience implementing and integrating risk technology solutions, I have provided solutions for banks, insurance companies, regulators, and corporates, across Latin America, Europe and South Africa, including Solvency II solutions for two global systemically important European insurers, and Basel II/III solutions for tier 1 banks in Denmark, Brazil and Mexico. My previous experience integrating and developing system solutions with zero tolerance for error and strict audit requirements (including an electoral system for a government agency), jointly with my long experience in risk technology integration, has helped me in Rhisco with our mission of building the right solution for our clients to address their strategic risks and capital needs.

With an academic background as Computer Systems Engineer, a masters degree in Information Technology Management and over 25 years of increasing responsibilities in technical leadership, computer systems and business process optimization, I have performed senior leadership for platform, systems administration and IT / telecom / logistics support for a foreign government body, including project management, solution identification, integration, deployment and maintenance in numerous international State visits. Since I joined Rhisco in 2015, my experience combines team development, architecting and design of software solutions, including TEGRA, an integration platform for risk and capital analysis as the key software product of the company, and bespoke client solutions, ensuring we research and use trending and mature technology to produce fit-for-purpose and forward-looking client solutions.

With an academic background in Mathematics and over 10 years of experience integrating risk technology solutions for market and credit risk projects, including working knowledge and practical experience using open source languages (e.g. R, Julia, Python), I have successfully implemented numerous projects for banks and insurers to comply with Basel and Solvency II standards, and controls in real-time trading. I have acquired significant experience in technology integration and project management by connecting third party software with internal systems and processes. Since I joined Rhisco in 2015, my combined expertise of good understanding of business financial requirements and forward-looking view have helped me to design the right architecture and solution for the client, and to better execute my current responsibilities of managing TEGRA, the key software product of the company.

With academic background in Economics and Accounting, and over three years of experience in finance and credit operations in a company from the real industry, since I joined Rhisco in January 2018, I have been learning the practice of the risk consulting industry by designing and implementing client use cases on credit limits and credit origination and building a GRC pilot for banking and brokerage house firms. With strong skills on statistical analysis and a focus in precision, I am now responsible for executing implementations of operational, credit and liquidity risk projects.

With academic background in Computer Systems and almost three years of solid experience developing complex software for Rhisco, I have been designing, developing, testing and implementing the key software product of the company, TEGRA, as well other bespoke tools built to address complex client requirements and use cases. With strong analytical skills and a broad range of computer expertise, I am now responsible for leading a significant part of the development work of the team.

With academic background in Computer Systems and a multi-disciplinary experience developing software solutions, I obtained experience dealing with government clients in web development. Among other key skills, I have significant creativity and a dynamic approach to solving issues as they appear. Since I joined Rhisco in 2018 I have been learning design, development and implementation of software, in addition to evince acquired knowledge into practice and collaborating with the team to offer an excellent client service. I am thrilled that I am now part of an amazing team.

With academic background in Computer Systems and five years of experience as a freelance developer doing projects to automate and innovate with different technologies, I have experience in all stages from analysis and design, development, implementation and administration, always in contact with various methodologies and tools to meet the objectives. I have over one year of experience in embedded systems and intelligent hybrid systems, developing complex hardware prototypes and applications that incorporate technologies from machine language to user graphical interfaces, and a specialization in web development with state-of-the-art technologies. Since I joined Rhisco in 2018 I am working on the development of TEGRA an integration platform for risk and capital analysis as the key software product of the company.

Having worked the last 20 years for several companies in the UK, from recruitment to FinTech, and previously in the creative industry overseas, I have obtained wide experience and knowledge in HR, administration, and finance support, all of which helps me in my role at Rhisco Group, supporting both the office in London and overseas operations. I enjoy helping my team whenever possible and I always put passion to ensure the objectives are successfully achieved.

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