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Accelerate your regulatory compliance commitments with our AI product.

Rhisco’s ALLGOOD® solution significantly accelerates the performance of client’s Legal and Compliance teams by automating much of the manual work, allowing them to focus on analysis and decision making. The solutions’ core is based on natural language processing libraries trained to read and interpret regulatory documentation in Spanish resulting in identification of obligations for the institution. By using Neo4J as a component, ALLGOOD manages the multiple references, conditions and interrelations between different regulatory documents and regulatory articles. The service under ALLGOOD also has a library of controls, curated by Rhisco’s best practices, which can be mapped through recommendations from the tool; and both, obligations and controls, can be made available as a feed for client’s internal GRC systems. For clients with regulatory obligations in Spanish and English, ALLGOODâ combines its strength by connecting to IBM’s libraries on Watson technology that are trained with similar features for regulatory documents in English.