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Development Services

Rhisco’s technology teams have a proven track record of developing bespoke technology solutions for financial services institutions. Combining left-brain creativity with right-brain discipline, into offerings that integrate seamlessly into existing estates and deliver measurable value. Bespoke Development existed prior to TEGRA, when Rhisco went in to create technology solutions that were completely tailored to client firms in terms of required functionality, integration and output.


TEGRA-Risk & Capital Management

Rhisco’s TEGRA® solution is a leading-edge data management, integration and aggregation platform designed to address risk and capital needs. TEGRA® improves compliance and delivers business benefits – enabling end-users to improve accuracy and efficiency independently of IT, with complete data lineage. From the desk level, to board and Regulatory Governance, TEGRA® ensures that all stakeholders have clarity and control to monitor risk.


  • TEGRA® can run on-demand rules-based risk analysis and modelling processes on ‘golden source’ data which generates normalised results

  • TEGRA® offers the flexibility to generate reports in several industry standard formats

  • Scalability allows for varying deployment, either on a per-desk basis, team or region

  • Our solution allows for full traceability, going back to the moment of initial input of data, including any modifications – enabling regulators to select specific pieces of data when necessary