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Rhisco’s Monthly Technology Meetups

Published Date: 18 October 2018

Rhisco’s Monthly Technology Meetups – Eventos Rhisco CDMX

We are very excited to launch our Monthly Tech Meetups in Rhisco CDMX on the second Tuesday of each month. These are in-person and through-the-internet live meet ups to share new ideas and discuss how to overcome the challenges faced by t.

We are bringing experts from our own team, the industry and our business partners to show how new technologies are being used to gain competitive advantage in new markets/products, either using risk modelling techniques for better risk profiling, or graph analytics for better cross-selling, or artificial intelligence in ensuring compliance, an many other. This knowledge sharing serves as the basis for a discussion on the challenges faced and the potential uses of technology (or other tools) to overcome those challenges.

Join us to keep up the pace in this new technology era #digitalrisk, #bigdata

NOV Technology Meetup: Tuesday 13 November 2018
DEC Technology Meetup: Tuesday 11 December 2018