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Rhisco enables Tier 1 and Tier 2 Banks internationally to address the challenges of ever-increasing regulatory pressure and supervision, balancing the need for business innovation with legacy technology, and constant demand for efficiency gains in the context of reduced margin and pressurised balance sheets.


  • Rhisco works with Tier 1 and 2 Banks internationally, providing risk management and capital services and solutions that combine left-brain creativity and right-brain discipline
  • Rhisco are able to balance the drive to innovate and leverage modern technology with the capability of legacy systems
  • At Rhisco, we know that to succeed, Banks require a flexible and scalable technology infrastructure capable of evolving to meet tomorrow’s demands
  • We know that the pressure of increased regulation and intrusive supervisory regimes require constant vigilance


Rhisco supports Insurance providers as they navigate increased regulatory pressure, come to terms with the opportunities of Solvency II and address historic under investment in their technology systems and data infrastructure.


  • Rhisco enables Insurance providers to navigate heightened regulatory scrutiny, an ‘overload’ of regulation to comply with, and more demanding supervision
  • Rhisco help meet the challenge of overcoming historic under-investment in legacy technology
  • Solvency capital requirements demand adequate data management and governance, and large volumes of data drive demand for innovative uses of technology
  • Rhisco understand the need to support full valuation simulation across the longest timeframes, using ever-increasing volumes of data, as well as the importance of controlling and understanding data